Instant Waste Manure Converter

                  The clear trend in the outbreak of epidemic and public protests against waste dumping in India is that they are happening in the biggest cities in their respective regions. Kolkata, Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, and Srinagar are capitals of their respective states, and Coimbatore and Kochi are the large cities in the Tamil Nadu and Kerala  
                  A recent paper on waste management issues in India by researchers at the Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT), Earth engineering centre, Columbia University, New York points out that waste management has become a major unifying factor leading to public demonstrations all across India, after corruption, fuel prices.                
                 The inability to provide immediate solutions to waste management in these cities is not the crisis; the true crisis is yet to come. Not just ten or fifteen, but there are 71 cities which generate more waste than Thiruvananthapuram (310 tonnes per day), and also have limited resources to handle it. It is expected that an average of 32,000 people will be added to urban India every day during the next decade through 2021. This number is a warning, considering how India's waste management infrastructure failed to cope with just 25,000 new urban Indians during the last decade.                 
                   Instant waste to manure converter is an effective way in which we can handle the issue. It is a sequentially controlled stage wise processing of waste. The machines and patented chemical developed by Kerala Agricultural University instantly convert the waste to manure. It not only solves the waste issue but also benefits the agricultural industries which are relying more on chemical fertilizers. This project is a game changer by solving two issues at same time – waste management problem and urban farming.
Major Advantages of the technology