Whats is ETP?

Effluent Treatment Plants or (ETP) are used by most of the companies in various industries to clean water and remove any toxic and non-toxic materials or chemicals from it so that that water can be reused or released in the environment which will do less harm to the environment. 
Effluent Treatment plant can be operated with the help of 4 diff ways:
Preliminary     –        Removal of Solids, Oil & Grease.
Primary            –        Removal of floating & settable such as Suspended solids, Organic Matter
Secondary       –        Removal of Biodegradable organic matter (BOD).
Tertiary            –        Removal of residual suspended solids, Dissolved solids.

Whats is STP?

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is a process of purification of Sewage water and reusing for Gardening, Agricultural and other general Purpose. Treated Sewage water is purified and maintained as per the Pollution control board norms. STP are mandatory in most of the industries, housing colonies, apartments etc.