About us

Ecozone Concepts, an ISO9001:2015, BIC certified company, is an expertise in wide variety of waste management plants and water treatment solutions across industry, homes, and communities including waste burning plants to treat different domestic and commercial garbage with zero pollution and Testing and purifying water to ensure whether the quality meets the drinking water standard and to ensure safe drinking water for homes and communities.

What we do

We help people to have proper waste management without polluting our environment as well as our water treatment services can help resolve the

prevailing water scarcity. We are here to help assure an environment free of both air and water pollution and we provide best experience in

waste management and water treatment services.


Ecozone Concepts is a start-up that has broken the mold for waste management/water treatment services. This business development plan will build 

upon the company’s success and in the quick moving world, a long-term strategy will keep the business moving forward with a pollution free


Target Market

Greater research into target market specifics and continued analytics will be part of the overall goal of development. However, it is obvious that the 

main target is, and will continue to be, places where proper waste management is needed started from our houses to the greater buildings and when 

comes into water treatment services, the target market will be areas that lack proper drinking water facilities, which even can start from our houses to 

a vast outside world.